Moore Park Holiday Suite

Holiday Suite

Margaret and John Moore have lived in the County since retiring in 2000. Making the move from Toronto was an easy decision, as the County offered everything they needed; beautiful countryside, access to parks, and solitude without isolation. They found their dream house on Sheba’s Island, and after moving in, they quickly began finishing the roughed-in space above the garage that would become the Moore Park Holiday Suite.

Since finding their home on West Lake, Margaret and John have become full-fledged County citizens; John has recently written a history of Sheba’s Island, and Margaret regularly volunteers her time at the local hospital and reading at the local nursing home for seniors. Avid hikers, they have explored most of the hiking trails in and around the County, and are happy to advise you on which trails to try.

Margaret and John love their County home. They have shared it with their children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, and neighbours. Guests in the Holiday Suite have come from all over to enjoy the Moores’ hospitality, and most come more than once.