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The Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre, Ameliasburg, Ontario, Canada.The Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre (MAGRC) is the home of various assets of the 7th Town Historical Society. We are located in the Ameliasburgh Ward of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Originally Ameliasburgh Township was known as 7th Town, and was settled by United Empire Loyalists in 1784.

In 1990, 7th Town inherited two Trusts from the estate of Marilyn Adams, from which flowed the Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre, formally opened to the public in June of 1994, and as a research centre in August 1994. MAGRC houses the Adams’ Family Museum, Cunningham House, which is one of the Trusts. The other is a fund from which the interest helps provide the over $90 per day required to operate the centre.

Abstract books of the Hastings County Land Records.The centre now houses a valuable and rapidly growing collection of genealogical research material and historic items of local, provincial, national and international interest. These donations have been attracted from Canada, the USA and Europe. Many personal and community group collections have been deposited, including:

  • Hastings County Land Records for about 100 years prior to 1955
  • Tudor & Cashel Township Records, dating back to 1852
  • The Klein research on the Tripps’ of the Bay of Quinte
  • Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir histories, minute books, and other records
  • Douglas Crawford canning factory papers
  • The remaining regional assessment records for the Quinte area
  • Hessian Research of Johannes (John) Helmut Merz
  • Heal Research Papers and Records
  • as well as other records, letters, books, Ontario Vital Statistics BMD, map collection and much, much, more in the genealogy library.
  • Other resources include access to the Names Database and Heal Database (now online).

The facilities include the Marilyn Adams museum, library and reading area, research department, publications department, microfilm reading room, Microfilming Lab and the Hastings County Land Records repository of original documents. For researchers, the MAGRC makes a transparent one-stop facility. The centre is equipped with archival shelving, modern customer-accessible computers, microfilm and fiche readers, photocopiers and microfilming equipment.

A dedicated team of volunteers from the 7th Town Historical Society and Friends of Marilyn Adams staff the centre. Without them it would not operate.

County Road 19 528
Ameliasburgh K0K 1A0 ON CA
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OPEN 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the following days: Tuesdays ONLY during February, March and April . . . and then Monday and Tuesday in May to the end of November.