Universal Fan & Blower Ltd.

Fans For Corrosive Environments

As a Canadian manufacturer, our prices are favorable to customers south of the border. Take advantage and save big on our FRP fans. There has never been a better time to access the quality that Universal Fan & Blower is known for, and the energy efficiency that our customers expect.

Universal Fan & Blower Ltd. is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture and testing of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Composite Fans.

In many ways, FRP fans are superior to those made from traditional materials. FRP Composite Fans can withstand harsh industrial environments while offering lighter yet stronger products. The moulded components are designed and manufactured to exact aerodynamic form for production repeatability, and offer excellent corrosion resistance to severe chemical and corrosive environments.

Our commitment to quality and reliability is of utmost importance to both us and our customers. We ensure that delivered products meet with or exceed industry regulations, and have proven this not only through our 27+ years of exemplary service, but through continual certification and training.

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