The Municipal Elections are taking place on October 22, 2018. The PEC Chamber is holding a Mayoral Candidate’s Meeting on October 3, 2018 at the Regent Theatre from 7pm to 9pm. Preceding this you will have a chance to meet your Ward candidates at the Library between 6pm and 7pm.

We sent a series of questions to all candidates covering topics from Labour Shortages to Development Charges, click on the button below to read the responses we received. If you would like them sent to you, please email

2018 Municipal Candidate’s Survey Results

Below you will find the format of the Mayoral Candidate’s Meeting, this is to ensure as many topics as possible can be covered efficiently and fairly among all candidates.

2018 Municipal Election Format

Each candidate will be given 2 minutes for an opening statement. The order of this exercise was determined by a random draw conducted earlier this evening. Candidates are seated in the order that was drawn.

The question period will be moderated, and a time-keeper will ensure all answers are completed within the allocated time given. We ask that you keep your questions short, the moderator may stop you if they deem the question to be too long. During a candidate’s answer, the time-keeper will raise a sign that indicates when 30 seconds of the allocated time remains and will raise a sign indicating the time is up, at the 2 minute mark. Once the 2 minute mark has passed, the moderator may stop the speaker from continuing.

To begin the Q&A portion of the meeting, several pre-prepared questions will be asked from the floor from both the Federation of Agriculture and Chamber of Commerce.

Following this, there will be an open public forum question period conducted by the moderator. Due to the number of candidates and in order to ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity to speak, each candidate shall answer a question presented by the public, maintaining the order which was drawn. Each candidate will be given up to 2 minutes for their response. If a question is directed to a specific candidate, the remaining candidates will answer immediately after in the order they are sitting. Questions not directed towards a specific candidate will begin with the candidate who drew first, the next question will be answered by the second person in order, etc.

The moderator will attempt to ensure all candidates have an equal opportunity to reply to any question. The moderator also has the right to limit questions regarding topics they feel have been adequately covered, in order to ensure the widest variety of topics may be covered during the event.

Towards the end of the meeting, each candidate will be given 2 minutes for closing remarks. The order will be the reverse of the opening remarks that were determined by the random draw.

The moderator will close the event.

*For those who are hearing impaired, there are a limited number of assisted listening devices.

*For those who are physically unable to access the microphones positioned in the aisles, please raise your hand and a remote microphone will be brought to you.