Convergence Acupuncture & Wellness

Convergence Acupuncture is more than just acupuncture. It’s an approach to healing that combines the best of Western biomedical science with Eastern traditional and holistic healing to help you reach your health goals effectively and efficiently.

Ely T has been practicing and teaching acupuncture, Chinese medicine and related therapies for over 20 years. Ely’s background in martial arts led her to study Chinese injury medicine which was quickly followed by training in shiatsu & Asian bodywork, then acupuncture. Ely developed Convergence Acupuncture & Wellness as a synthesis of the eastern holistic and western biomedical approaches to health, which when effectively combined, can successfully address modern health issues using the best aspects of both systems. As an educator, Ely teaches ethics & jurisprudence, tuina (Asian bodywork), history and acupuncture theory at colleges in Toronto, and also gives workshops on self-care, stress management and living with chronic health issues both physical and psycho-emotional.