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Our History

The County Cider Company & Estate Winery is a family-operated estate winery specializing in mouth-watering hard ciders. (In North America hard cider is an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice.) Carefully crafted from the best apples grown on our family farm and nearby orchards, our ciders are made with 100% pure apple juice.

Located on the picturesque island of Prince Edward County in Southeastern Ontario, our tasting room and retail store welcomes visitors from May to November. Come visit us or look for County Cider Co. products at restaurants, bars and LCBO stores

The County Cider Company is located on Ontario’s island of Prince Edward County. Most famous for the giant sand dunes and golden beaches of Sandbanks Provincial Park, the County also enjoys a dramatic history.

Following the American Revolution of 1776 the Township of Marysburgh—home to the County Cider Co.—was one of many established for the settlement of United Empire Loyalists. Named in honour of Princess Mary, a daughter of King George III, it became home to a small group of disbanded German mercenaries under former Lieutenant Baron von Reitzenstein. This party, numbering about 40 persons, was one of the earliest German-speaking groups to settle in Ontario. By October 1784 they had begun to clear and cultivate the land. Henry David and his wife Elizabeth were among these early settlers and it was in 1830, that their son Conrad David, was given title to the lot, which the County Cider Co. now calls home.

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