The Merchant’s Mill

A little bit about of background –
our goal is not about the shop, it’s about a better way ahead –
because it’s good for the planet and good for the soul

We believe that gifts, for others or for our selves, add beauty to the world around us and enhance connections while allowing expression – of our sentiment or of our own character

MATTER ~ noun. a physical substance that occupies space and possesses rest mass; an affair under construction   |  ~ verb. to be of importance or have significance

We feel that, by connecting local artisans to patrons through our store, we manage positive impact while we stay rooted to our principles – we are responsible to the environment, the economy, the community and our specific relationships. 

REASON ~ noun.  a cause, explanation or justification for an action or event  |  ~ verb.  to think; to understand and to form judgments by a process of logic


When we open, we will continue to be a locally sourced, sustainably-minded and TAX FREE space 🙂 If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask – we are happy to share our story.

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about consignment (preferred) or wholesale opportunities.


We are open June – December 
Thursday thru Sunday 11am – 6pm
( + tue/wed in July, August and December )